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Machinery and equipment in Australia is generally transported via trucks on low loaders, drop decks and flat top trailers.

Machinery transport is often referred to as Heavy Haulage and the most commonly moved machines are Excavators, Bull dozers, Tractors, Low Loaders, Forklifts, Bob cats, Tele Handlers, scissor lifts as well as any other Heavy Equipment. Machinery transport is more specialised than other general freight and there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed by the transport companies.

To find the current machinery freight jobs available on the Freight Match website please visit: Freight Match Machinery Jobs.


The rules pertaining to machinery transport for Sydney and New South Wales can be found on the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) website: Road and Maritime Services

For the rules and regulations of transporting machinery in Melbourne and around Victoria the relevant authority is Vic Roads. The website link to VIC Roads relating to machinery transport is: Vicroads .

If the machinery being transported is oversize then the transport company may be required to obtain permits to transport the machinery. There are also guidelines for oversize machinery regarding the time of travel. The road authorities as mentioned above also provide information on whether the load requires pilot escorts. The road authorities relating to oversize loads in Victoria can also be called on: (03) 9881 8027.

For other states, please contact the relevant road authorities.


Another useful website is the Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia (TMA). The website for this association is: Tractor and Machinery Association. This is a "member based industry organisation which was established over 40 years ago to represent the interests and developments of importers, manufacturers and sellers of agricultural tractors and machinery in Australia".


A large volume of machinery and plant equipment is transported from Melbourne, Victoria. For machinery travelling to Sydney from Melbourne the direct route is on the Hume Highway and it is approximately 880km from Melbourne the Capital City of Victoria, to Sydney the Capital City of New South Wales.

Oversize machinery freight loads within Melbourne and Sydney will have specific routes that are available depending on the height, weight and length of the machinery on the truck.

The machinery dealers from Melbourne are often based within the outer fringe areas of Melbourne in the suburbs of Dandenong, Campbellfield and Sunshine. To get to Dandenong the common route coming from Sydney is to use City Link. However, the city link tunnel has a height limits restricting the use of the tunnel for trucks. Oversize vehicles will need to follow the route as determined by Vic Roads. To use city link the truck company will need to have a toll pass which can be obtained at Citylink.

The Hume Hwy goes all the way to the outskirts of Sydney where it reaches the M5 and M7. To continue on the outskirts of Sydney to suburbs like Eastern Creek, Minchinbury, Horsley Park, Wetherill Park, etc take the M7. However, to head into Metro Sydney or towards the airport, Port, Bankstown, Liverpool, Padstow, etc take the M5.

For metro Melbourne and Sydney machinery and equipment transport and for those hard to access locations the best way to move your machinery is with a tilt tray. A tilt tray also often means that loading facilities such as a loading ramp are not required on site. It allows easy load and unload at jobsites.


Freight Match has a lot of experience in dealing with all types of machinery and equipment from small machinery such as generators, forklifts to large oversize, overweight and over length earthmoving, industrial and mining equipment. The most common machinery and equipment freight that is most commonly moved is forklifts, telehandlers, plant and industrial equipment. Freight Match have a team with a collective knowledge of 74 years of transport experience and has a vast network of specialised machinery transporters with all types of trailers. For specialised jobs, Freight Match are able to provide a customised solution including crane hire, on site supervision or consultation and loading. To inquire about any machinery related move or consultation please call 0417 252 009.


For smaller machinery that does not require a full truck load Freight Match are able to consolidate loads which will therefore save you money as you will not be required to pay for a full truck across Australia. In transport, this type of freight is referred to as a less than full load (LTL).To receive a quote for your consolidated machinery you can call the head office on 1300 887 874, request a freight quote online or email