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The most efficient and effective way to move most types of smaller products and freight is by using pallets - generally 1,160mm long x 1,160 wide. It can be made of different materials such a wood or plastic. Generally, freight is stacked onto pallets up to 2.4 metres high and 1 to 1.5 MT in weight and shrink wrapped. Most pallet freight in Australia is transported with Tautliner trailers. The reason for this is a tautliner keeps the pallets out of the weather and easy to keep secure by using gates and straps to hold the it in. Tautliner trailers come in all sizes from rigid trailers that can hold from 2 pallets to 16 pallets. The next size up after a rigid tautliner is a semi-trailer (45FT tautliner trailer) which can hold 22 standard pallets and a bdouble which is an A trailer in front of a single tautliner trailer. A standard bdouble trailer can hold 34 of it.

To find the current pallet freight jobs available on the Freight Match website please visit: Freight Match Pallet Jobs.


Palletising freight is also a very efficient way of storing freight. Freight Match can offer storage for your pallets in most major city centres. Larger warehouses often use pallet-racking so 2 or more pallets can be stored in the space of 1 standard pallet without damaging the product on it.

The two most common pallet companies in Australia are CHEP Pallets which can be visited at: CHEP Pallets and Loscam Pallets which can be visited at: Loscam Pallets.


Whether you have one pallet to move or a multiple full truck loads, We can move it. We have over 2,000 transport carriers across the whole of Australia and can organise from small inter-city jobs to country less than loads and full loads to express freight full loads between capital cities.

To receive a quote for your pallet freight requirements you can call the head office on 1300 887 874, request a freight quote online or email