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Meet Australia's leading freight broker: Freight Match. Whether it be a small envelope, a parcel, pallet, heavy machinery, or an important express delivery – we'll get the right goods into the right hands. As the most trusted freight experts Australia has to offer, Freight Match are the broker solution you can rely on.

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Australia's Leading Freight Brokers

Freight Match deliver Australia's best broker services across the country. Operating from Tasmania to the Northern Territory, a Freight Match can help you move almost anything.

Backed by Zoom2u, Freight Match works by connecting Australians with expert transportation providers. Forget relying on that outdated, inflexible brokerage company; Freight Match is a modern, streamlined marketplace teeming with trusted carriers, transport providers and broker services.

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Transport, Move, and Deliver with Ease

Here at Freight Match, our freight professionals provide a variety of services, across the country. We can help you to move, transport, and deliver your freight, ensuring that your goods arrive at the right place, at the right time. As freight brokers, our network of trusted carriers can move your items locally, within the state and across the borders.

Freight brokers Australia are those that facilitate the successful connection between the best freight services and you, the user. Here at Freight Match, we'll connect you with an expert freight driver to get your goods into the right hands. Need your express freight transported today? No problem. Simply make a booking request, and our network of freight Australian carriers will provide quotes to deliver your required freight.

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Getting Your Freight, Where It Needs to Be

Work with the freight brokers Australians trust to get the job done perfectly. The Freight Match marketplace provides access to reliable approved drivers who are ready to transport your goods today. Whether it be general freight, small items, interstate freight, express delivery, pallet freight, heavy machinery, building materials, or container freight, our expert broker services will connect you with the right driver for the safe delivery of your brokered freight.

Our market leading technology empowers users to control the process from start to finish. We provide unrivalled visibility and transparency to ensure you know exactly what is happening at all times.

Freight Brokers You Can Trust

The general freight transport market is the largest in Australia – allowing you, as a user, to move literally thousands of different items with the ease of our platform. At Freight Match, we deal with all types of general freight, moving less than loads and full loads with a large network of transport operators across Australia.

With extensive experience in the freight industry, we'll connect you with the right freight carriers to find the best solution for your brokered delivery. Freight Match allows for easy, fast, and seamless of all types of freight, dramatically increasing the efficiency of your business. We take care of the details so you can spend less time worrying about your delivery and more time focussed on your business.

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Freight Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Freight Can I Ship?

Freight Match can help you to transport almost any type of freight across Australia. From small parcel delivery to equipment for full warehouse relocations, we've got access to transport carriers that can move all kinds of freight. We can take freight to and from anywhere in Australia, for the most competitive price available.

The primary Freight Match services include:

General Freight (anything from construction material to any other items that do not fit under other categories of freight)
Small Items
Interstate Freight
Express Parcel Delivery
Pallet Freight
Heavy Machinery Freight
Building Materials Freight
Containers Freight

Book your expert freight broker service today with Freight Match to transform the way you move shipments.

How Does Freight Match Work?

Freight Match is an online marketplace connecting trusted transport operators with those need access to freight brokers Australia. Freight Match works by allowing users to place a quote request and have local freight providers bid on the job within hours. Once approved, the carrier will start the process to deliver the goods to the chosen location.

With Freight Match, you can ship almost anything, including fragile freight, except for dangerous goods. Daily, the platform is used to send small deliveries across the country through to large machinery, building materials, shipping containers and pallets.

How Long Do Freight Shipments Take?

How long your delivery will take depends on the freight being moved. Freight Match broker express freight carriers who can deliver small parcels within hours – however, large items and equipment can take longer.

When booking your general freight service, the platform will provide you with an opportunity to enter your preferred delivery time frame during the quote process. We'll then communicate whether or not it's possible. We do our best to get your package delivered on your schedule at the right price.

How Much Do Freight Broker Services Cost?

How much your freight delivery will cost comes down to the service. The cost of every shipment is determined by the size, weight, and delivery time frame of the freight. As a broker marketplace for trusted transport, Freight Match offers the most competitive pricing for all types of freight delivery.

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