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Whatever you want transported: a parcel, a pallet, machinery, a shipping container or two - or even small envelope - our Freight Match network of transport companies is at your service!


Freight Match offers a very simple pricing structure where a client (person wanting to move freight) is charged when they book a job with Freight Match. Unless details of a job change the price quoted will be the price charged to the client. If for some reason the load cannot go ahead which is beyond the control of the transport operator, then Freight Match will refund the amount paid by the user. The only circumstances in which the full amount may not be refunded is if expenses have been incurred already by the transport operator such as: the transport operator has already gone to the pick up site prior to the job getting cancelled; there was misinformation about weights and dimensions; or items or money have already been purchased/spent on permits, etc.

The website is simple and free to use and allows both clients (people with freight) and transport operators to view the ads listed.

Registration to Freight Match is simple and completely free. After registering to the website you will be able to start posting ads for available freight and transport solutions at no cost (for example, you may want to post an ad for 6 pallets of freight you wish to move to Melbourne from Sydney). If you need any help in posting an ad then please contact the team at Freight Match on 1300 887 874, they will be happy to assist you.

Payment is to be made via Credit Card over the phone or via EFT by providing the direct debit receipt. Freight Match also accepts cheques but the job will only be considered to be booked once payment has been made and cleared in full.