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Building Materials

Building materials are one of the most common types of freight moved regularly throughout Australia. Building materials refer to any material used for construction purposes. Examples of building materials commonly moved are bricks, insulation, concrete panels, steel, metal, roofing materials, drywall, timber and glass, as well as many other naturally occurring and man-made materials.

Local and Interstate Freight for Building Materials

Depending on the type of building material and the distance to be travelled -whether it’s interstate freight or intrastate transport – will decide what type of truck and trailer will be used for transport. Small rigid tautliners and flat top trailers are quite common within inter-city moves, such as Staplyton to Eagle Farm in Queensland. However, if the building materials are full loads of concrete panels and they are to be transported from Brisbane to Perth, it will most likely be by flat top open trailers, and most likely in a road/train combination.

To find the current building material freight jobs available on the Freight Match website please visit: Freight Match Building Material Jobs .

Efficient and Safe Transport

Your building and construction materials must be transported efficiently AND safely – whether it is a short trip or a long-distance journey. Choosing your transport provider who will not only deliver your materials on time but also without damage is a must.

Freight Match is a freight brokering service with highly experienced staff who understand the requirements to safely transport building and construction materials within Australia. Freight Match can find the most economical trucking rate for your job, offer free consultation and ensure only quality, competent transport operators are used to move your materials.

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