Meet the best freight
providers in Australia

Whatever you want transported a parcel, a pallet, machinery, a shipping container - or
even small envelope - Freight Match network of transport companies is at your service!

Become A Carrier


If you’re an Aussie freight carrier and you want more work without the hassle of chasing new clients, it’s time you registered with Freight Match. It’s FREE to join.
You’ll need to provide us with your ABN and insurance information (transit and public liability). Just call our friendly support team on 1300 419 825 to help you get set up and ready to start.

You’ll then have access to work across Australia. We connect you with our customers who want deliveries made along the same routes as you already travel!
You bid for bookings that suit you in just a few seconds via our app, so you can say goodbye to paperwork. What’s more, we automatically generate your carrier invoice for you!

And you’ll be paid within 14 days of completion – you can count on that. No more 30 or 60 day terms and then chasing payments. Your business bottom line will improve out of sight!

It couldn’t be easier. You’ll wonder why you didn’t register before.