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Whatever you want transported a parcel, a pallet, machinery, a shipping container - or
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Freightmatch creates truckloads of value to make your transportation easy. Create a request for freight, find the perfect trucker & pay on delivery.

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We offer competitive rates, risk-free payment, and simplified logistics. With Freightmatch you can spend less time worrying about freight and more time doing what you love!

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Sourcing for freight is no longer an arduous process. With Freightmatch you can get quotes in real-time so you can find the perfect vehicle to transport your goods instantly.

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Freightmatch utilises the latest technologies to streamline pricing so you know exactly how much freight will cost before even committing to it. No more surprises!

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With a large network of small and large carriers, there’s nothing or nowhere we can’t deliver.

Our experienced consultants can advise the correct method of transport for the goods and the right truck to suit the item(s) and all within the frameworks of state and federal legislation and compliance.

We’ll follow the job from start to finish gving you piece of mind someone is looking after your whole load!