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Container freight is the most common and efficient way that freight is transported internationally. Large ocean vessels transporting containers with 500 up to approximately 5,000 TEUs are commonly used to transport freight in and out of Australia. The containers are generally 20FT, 20FT HQ, 40FT and 40FT HQ containers.

The most used ports in Australia for importing and exporting are Port Melbourne followed by Port Botany in Sydney and Port Brisbane. Once containers arrive in Australia, containers are often delivered from the Port to the customer’s premises on a side loader trailer, tilt tray or super tilt tray. If a customer has a loading dock or crane for loading and unloading, then a skeleton container trailer or a flat top trailer with pins can be used.


Container Sizes

A 20-foot container can hold approximately 26 – 28 CBM, a 40-foot container can hold approximately 55-58 CBM of freight and a 40-foot HQ container can hold approximately 60-68 CBM of freight.


Intermodal Transport and Railtainers

Depending on the freight you are moving, container transport can be a very efficient way to move your freight within Australia, especially for long distances.

Freight Match can offer intermodal transport solutions, which include Railtainers that are the size of a container but have tautliner side curtains, so you can load the container from the side, instead of only at the end.

We bring the railtainer to your premises for loading. We then deliver it to the rail yard. We have the railtainer moved by rail and then delivered to your destination. The most common route for this service is Sydney to Perth. When your freight is transported this way, you can save thousands of dollars compared to all road freight. The service time is also very efficient, with express trains leaving approximately twice a week.


Furniture Removals Using Containers on Rail in Australia

Most types of freight can go into containers, such as small machinery and equipment like forklifts, generators and scissor lifts to general freight, pallets, food products, construction materials, furniture and many more items. Using containers for interstate furniture removals is a very efficient and effective way to move your house and personal belongings.

We can organise and deliver a container to your premises, where you or your removalist pack your furniture into the container and secure it with blankets and straps. We can provide this service if you prefer.

When the container is packed, we organise a tilt-tray or side loader to take the container to the rail yard. Once the container has been railed to the destination rail yard, we will deliver it to you.

After the container has been unpacked, we will remove the empty container. Compared to traditional furniture removal trucks, there are huge savings to be made when your furniture is moved this way.

To find the current container freight jobs available on the Freight Match website go to Freight Match Container Freight Jobs


Double Stacked Containers on Australian Rail Networks

On the following routes of the rail network in Australia, containers can be double-stacked: Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Parkes, NSW. This method of freight transport can be very efficient.


Freight Match – Experts in Moving Your Containers

Freight Match – Experts in Moving Your Containers
Freight Match also offer freight consultancy handle your container freight requirements efficiently, including delivery from port, unpacking, storage and re-delivery of your international freight.

To enquire about moving, storing, unpacking and re-delivering of container freight, you can call our Head Office on 1300 419 825, request a freight quote online or email us at .