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Whatever you want transported a parcel, a pallet, machinery, a shipping container - or
even small envelope - Freight Match network of transport companies is at your service!

Warehouse Moves

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Freight Match is skilled in being able to call upon our large base of carriers for large project work. We’re able to consult and inform on the best process and vehicles to minimise downtime and to care for your stock and assets while in transit.

How’s this for a quick and easy move?

Get a quote from our platform or call our experts on 1300 419 825 for a free consultation. Once you have been given the quote, it’s as simple as booking through our simple platform. All you need to do is pack your goods and give us a call to book the move so we can have one of our expert movers help you out with that too! Don’t worry about anything else. Scheduled deliveries are always on time and cost-effective – we offer flexible plans for all budgets and business needs. From quotes to post-move reports, Freightmatch has got it covered!