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General Freight

In Australia, a general freight transport carrier is a trucking company that can move a wide variety of commodities in standard trailers – whether full truck loads or less than full (LTF) truck loads.

Freight could be construction materials such as steel, bricks, concrete panels, insulation, or it could be any other type other type of freight that doesn’t fit into a freight market niche. For example, non-perishable food is general freight. Food products that need to be frozen or refrigerated are classified as refrigerated goods.

The general freight transport market is the largest category of freight moved in Australia, as can literally mean thousands of different items.
General freight is usually moved interstate in Tautliners or Flat top trailers. There are many combinations of these types of trailers. In some states, such as Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, it is legal in certain areas to operate B-Triples and Road trains.

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Trucking Associations

There are many different trucking associations that general freight carriers can join. Some trucking associations relevant to general freight are:

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) can be visited at: Australian Trucking Association. The ATA has many resources and information regarding truck safety and the latest news in trucking regulations within Australia.

Each state has its own trucking association. For example the Queensland trucking association can be visited at: Queensland Trucking Association. The state trucking associations represent members interests and also provides up to date information regarding the trucking industry in its state as well as a wide range of other services and news.


Common Trucking Routes

The majority of general freight is moved from South to North and East to West. Therefore, due to the supply and demand of trucking companies it is generally less expensive to move it from Perth to Sydney and Perth to Melbourne than it would be to move your freight in the opposite direction. This is the same as moving it from Brisbane to Sydney and Townsville to Brisbane is cheaper than moving it from South to North. Often when travelling from Perth to Melbourne and Sydney or Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne it is referred to as backloading. The reason for this is that the truck companies will receive a higher rate for transporting one way and then a lower rate on the way back if the quantity of freight is less.


Freight Match – Experts in Moving Your General Freight

Freight Match has a lot of experience in dealing with all types of general freight from pallets to construction materials, bricks, steel, food products and many other commodities. We move less than loads as well as full loads with a large network of transport operators across Australia. We also offer consultancy to more efficiently handle your requirements.

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