Pallet Freight Cost

It’s amazing how many modes of transportation there are to get your freight from A to B. Whether you’re wanting to ship via air, sea or road, there are plenty of options to accommodate your delivery requirements. Pallet freight costs do vary depending on a number of factors, all of which will be discussed later in this article. You’ll also learn about Freight Match and why it’s the most reliable freight solution for you. 

How Much To Ship A Pallet Of Freight

Freight cost per pallet is determined by a number of factors. This includes the distance your freight must travel, the urgency of your freight, it’s overall size and the mode of transport. Whilst these are four elements to consider when looking at prices for shipping your pallet, it’s always best to do some research so you know all the ins and outs of pallet freight shipping. 

When Do You Need A Pallet?

Pallets are the perfect choice for shipping, storing and stacking large items. Pallets are required if you’re shipping something that weighs more than 70kg with dimensions exceeding 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m. The larger and heavier your goods are, the more your shipping charge will increase. You can use a pallet for smaller goods but if your pallet can’t be stacked then you can be expected to pay more. 

Factors Influencing Pallet Freight Costs

There are several factors that influence pallet freight costs. These range from the size of your pallet, the distance it must travel, how urgent it is and the mode of transportation chosen. All of these play key roles in determining how much you will be charged. 

  • Size (cubic metre volume)

The size of your pallet is one of the first things you should consider before you decide to ship. Pallets are generally used for goods exceeding the dimensions of 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m, so they are already considerably large and will take up a considerable amount of space. This could lead to other shipments not being transported due to the lack of room on the carrier. Another thing to consider is if your pallet cannot be stacked then the price of the pallet freight will see an increase. 

  • Distance 

The further your freight must travel, the higher the price will be. If you’re choosing to ship your pallets via air, transporting domestically is a lot cheaper than internationally. This is because a domestic aircraft is a lot smaller and doesn’t require the amount of fuel if it were to travel overseas. 

  • Urgency

Today is all about keeping up with consumer demand, causing an increase in urgent shipments. If you’re wanting to transport something within a tight time window, the pallet freight quote will increase. Depending on the mode of transport, making your pallet a priority can disrupt the schedule of other shipments. You have the option to select expedited shipping, however it is more costly. The most important way to save money with urgent shipments is to plan their transportation to get the most affordable rates possible or accept the higher price. 

  • Mode of transport

The mode of transport is another element that influences pallet freight costs. Freight travelling by road is the cheapest way to transport freight and can be the only way to ship to rural areas, making it one of the best options for businesses. Shipping your pallets by air is the most expensive means of transportation. This is because aircraft are extremely costly to operate, with the addition of fuel usage. However, because air freight is handled with ultimate care and is the most time-effective option, you can have peace of mind that your pallets will be delivered safely and on time. 

Air Freight Pallet Costs 

Transporting your pallet via air is the most time-efficient but expensive mode of transportation. This is due to airlines always being on schedule with reliable departure and arrival times. Typical air freight pallet costs are calculated on the type of cargo being shipped. Air freight can range from $2.50-$5.00 per kilogram. Because aircraft are so expensive to operate and fuel prices are always up and down, it is the most costly way to ship your pallets. Especially when your pallets are being internationally transported. However, it’s the safest way to ship your freight because of less handling of goods during transit, as well as cargo safety rules being enforced at the airport. This lowers the possibility of damage or theft. 

Road Freight Pallet Costs

Road freight involves the transportation of goods via large vehicles like trucks. This mode of transport is the cheapest when it comes to pallet freight costs and has the ability to ship to locations that other types of freight shipping can’t, like rural areas. Despite it being one of the most cost effective options, shipping by road can take a number of days or weeks. If you don’t have an urgent shipment then road freight is the way to go. 

Sea Freight Pallet Costs

Sea freight is a mode of transportation used to ship large quantities of goods internationally through the use of cargo ships. This type of transportation is used by a large number of businesses because of its cost-effective status and its ability to move large amounts of freight. Sea freight cost per pallet is anywhere between $2-$4 per kilogram. 

Pallet Freight Costs With Freight Match

Palletising freight is an efficient way to store your freight and Freight Match is the perfect match who can offer storage for your pallets in most major cities. Larger warehouses typically use pallet-racking so 2 or more pallets can be stored in the space of one standard pallet without any damage made to the product. 

Given there are over 2,000 transport carriers across Australia, Freight Match can organise your freight. Whether you’re wanting to move them from small inter-city jobs to country jobs, or from less-than loads and to express-freight full loads–between capital cities. 

The way Freight Match determines how much to ship a pallet of freight is by taking into account the type of freight being shipped, the origin of departure and shipping destination, as well as the time frame. 

Get Your Pallet Freight Quote Today

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a price for your freight. These include the size of your goods, distance to be travelled, how urgent your shipment is and the mode of transport. 

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