Freight Costs Australia: What To Expect

Freight is the commercial transportation of goods by land, air or sea. These goods are typically transported in bulk and are often divided into categories depending on the size of shipment and how long they are in transit for. 

Businesses use freight shipping to ensure their goods are delivered efficiently and safely. It’s also one of the most cost-effective forms of transportation.  Freight cost varies depending on the type and size of goods being transported, the distance between pick up and drop off and if the cargo is in containers or loose. It also differentiates between different freight companies, which typically represents the quality of service being offered. 

What Type Of Goods Are Freighted? 

The types of goods that are typically freighted include envelopes, parcels, pallets and heavy machinery. It all depends on the type of transportation such as air freight, road freight and rail freight. For example, trucks can carry many things such as livestock, vehicles and other machinery. 

Now we know what types of goods are freighted, let’s have a look at how freight rates are determined. 

How Freight Rates Are Determined 

Freight costs are determined by a large number of variables. How your product needs to be delivered, the size of it, pick up and drop off locations, and when it needs to be sent can vary from businesses who will give you a freight quote Australia wide.

Freight Type 

The type of freight is one of the most important aspects when creating a set price for transportation. If goods are needing to be temperature controlled then they’ll need the right vehicle to do the trick. Bulky items and items that need protection from the weather also need to be accommodated for. 

Amount and size of goods

The amount and size of goods is significant in determining freight costs. The heavier an item is, the more fuel will be required causing an increase in charges. The size of goods also needs to be taken into account when factoring in costs. Any package that is too large will often take up more space, meaning less deliveries can be completed per journey and those loading and unloading might need an extra hand to help, increasing labour costs. 

Distance between pick up and drop off

Distance plays a significant role in influencing freight prices. The more an item has to travel, the more it’ll cost. If your goods are being transported regionally then you can expect lower costs than if you were to ship across the country. Difficult journeys can also be more expensive. Whilst shipping from Melbourne to Perth is far, there’s direct flights and train lines. Whereas Sydney to any rural places would be far more expensive because of the variety of freight options (planes, trains, trucks) it takes to get the item to its destination. 

Time Of Year 

If your goods are being shipped during holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, you can expect freight prices to significantly increase. This is because the demand is at an all time high with customers wanting their packages to be delivered as soon as possible before the desired date.  

Rail Freight Costs Australia 

Rail freight is the transportation of cargo by train. This type of transportation is cheaper than air freight and whilst it is more expensive than sea freight shipping, it’s a lot quicker. It’s great for products such as vehicles, plastics, computers and any other equipment that needs to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

 The many factors that influence freight costs include the weight and size of goods. The heavier an item is the more fuel is required for the journey and the larger the item is, the more space is required. Distance is another factor that contributes to the increase in costs. If goods are being transported across the country then prices are expected to rise. 

If you’re wanting to know how much transporting your items will be, it’s easier to get into contact with the professionals and receive a quote. Click here for a freight price estimate. 

Domestic Air Freight Costs

Air freight is the transportation of goods by aircraft. Domestic air freight includes goods being transported across the country. It’s best suited for items that are time-sensitive, valuable or fragile. 

Air freight is often charged per kilo with other aspects influencing price such as size, weight and the type of freight. Because air freight typically transports valuable and fragile goods, utmost care must be applied. This extra level of care when handling items could impact the way it’s loaded into the aircraft and will possibly take longer to set up. 

Like with rail freight, if goods are too heavy then more fuel is consumed. Because aircrafts are an expensive means of transport, you can expect the price to be more than sea or land freight shipping. However, you can be assured that your items are handled with the best care possible and they are being transferred in a timely manner. 

Road Freight Costs Australia 

Road freight involves goods being transported usually by larger vehicles such as trucks. Road freight is the cheapest way to move goods and can often be the only way to deliver them to rural areas, making it one of the best options for businesses. The type of freight transferred can include food for grocery stores, garbage, livestock etc. 

Freight cost, like the options mentioned above, have varying factors that predict what is charged. For example, the market for commercial drivers is very competitive and increasing wages is influencing freight charges. Also, the volume of goods being transported is another important aspect, if the vehicle has reached its full capacity operators may charge more for businesses to be prioritised. 

Whilst it’s good taking these factors into account, it’s best to get a quote so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying. 

How Do I Get A Freight Quote Australia?

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