Freight Perth To Melbourne Costs

Businesses use freight transportation to ensure their items are moved in the most efficient and safest way possible. Freight costs are influenced by a number of factors. These range from distance between pick up and drop off, the size and type of freight and mode of transport. 

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How Is Freight Cost From Perth To Melbourne Determined

Freight cost from Perth to Melbourne is determined by a number of factors. These include the distance between drop off and pick up locations, mode of transport and the type and size of goods. These will all be discussed in depth below. 

Distance Between Drop Off and Pick Up

If your goods have to travel a greater distance then you can expect freight prices to increase. Whilst shipping regionally is relatively cheap, if you’re wanting your goods to move from Perth to Melbourne it will be more expensive. However there are direct flights and train lines, whereas Sydney to a rural place would be more expensive given the number of freight options (trains, trucks, planes) it takes for goods to reach its destination. 

Mode Of Transportation

Air, rail, sea and road freight are modes of transportation that have their own advantages when it comes to delivering goods. These methods also vary in costs because of their requirements and abilities. Air freight is the most expensive means of transport because aircraft are very expensive to operate, however it is more time-efficient than rail or sea freight. Sea transport is considered the cheapest way to move goods, especially heavier items, but will take longer than the previous modes of transport mentioned. 

Size Of Goods 

Another element to look out for is the size of your goods. A large package will often take up more space, which means less deliveries can be carried out per journey. Also, the loading and unloading process could require the help of more team members or additional equipment. This in turn will see an increase in labour costs, boosting freight Perth to Melbourne costs.

Type Of Goods 

The type of goods being freighted is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of transportation. If your freight is considered perishable or needs to be temperature controlled then they need a vehicle that accommodates these requirements. In addition to this, goods that need protection from the weather will have to be catered for as well to avoid the possibility of damages made to the items.

Internal And External Factors That Can Influence Freight Cost

Despite there being controllable factors impacting freight costs, there are also a lot of elements that are out of our control that impact freight Perth to Melbourne costs. These range from fuel prices, weather, geopolitical events and even pandemics!

Safe to say no one really saw COVID-19 coming and given the rate of people getting infected, borders had to be closed with lockdowns imposed. This proved difficult for items to be transported to different states and even countries. Because of this, freight costs increased significantly to compensate for the inconvenience the pandemic caused. 

Road Freight Cost Perth To Melbourne 

Road freight is one of the cheapest modes of transport and can sometimes be the only way to deliver goods to rural areas. This makes it one of the most suitable options for businesses. The types of goods road freight is suited for includes food for grocery stores, livestock, garbage etc.

The volume of items being moved is another important aspect as if the vehicle is at full capacity then operators could charge more to make an order a priority 

Road Freight Cost Melbourne To Perth

Melbourne to Perth freight costs should be relatively the same as shipping from Perth to Melbourne. However, differences in fuel prices, traffic and the type of company you’re using could have an influence on price. Departing from a different state could mean there is a difference in costs. 

Air Freight Cost Melbourne To Perth

Air freight involves the transportation of goods via aircraft and is best suited for time-sensitive, fragile or valuable goods. Air freight is typically charged per kilo, along with the size, weight and type of freight being shipped. Given air freight transports fragile goods, utmost care has to be applied to avoid any damages. This additional level of care of handling items can impact the way it’s loaded into the aircraft, taking longer to set up overall. 

Air Freight Cost Melbourne To Perth 

Melbourne to Perth freight costs could differ given its departure from a different airport. To know the exact price, it’s best to do your own research when looking for a reliable company to ship your freight. That way you can receive quotes that accommodate your freight requirements. 

How Long Will It Take To Ship Freight From Perth To Melbourne?

Now that the question of freight Perth to Melbourne costs have been answered, the next inquiry most customers have is how long it will take to ship freight. In order to know how long it will take to ship freight from Perth to Melbourne, you have to take into consideration the type of freight being transported. Small parcels can often be delivered within a day, however, larger items typically take longer. The mode of transportation also determines the duration of the delivery time. Shipping freight by air is the most time efficient way to get your goods from Perth to Melbourne, unlike road freight, which will take nearly 2 days depending on traffic and the size of the vehicle. 

Other factors that influence this length of time include what is going on within Australia. The presence of the pandemic caused border closures and a number of lockdowns that made delivering to different states extremely difficult and stressful. Bad weather conditions including floods, storms etc. will also impact how long it will take to ship the freight as safety for drivers, pilots and captains are first and foremost. 

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