Road Freight Costs Australia

Differentiation in road freight costs Australia is usually representative of the quality of service provided. There are also a number of factors that come into play when determining road freight rates such as fuel costs, weight and size of goods, seasonal trends, distance between pick up and drop off and so much more. This article will explore the internal and external factors influencing these prices, and where to find a reliable freight forwarding company. 

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Why Use Road Freight?

Before we get into road freight costs Australia, this section will focus on the benefits of road freight and why you should use it. 

Road freight is the most flexible mode of transport for consumers wanting to ship their goods. This is because road freight is suitable for short and long distances, and can deliver to even the most remote locations. For distances, it’s the fastest way to deliver goods. 

Compared to air, sea and rail freight, you can guarantee door to door delivery. Also, their warehouse facilities ensure flexibility for your storage and adapts to the changes in your requirements. 

Road freight also makes up a big part of the economy and is necessary for the functionality of society. Especially with the increase in ecommerce sales since the pandemic, consumers are constantly purchasing goods online which translates to a higher demand for road freight. 

Another benefit is the process of packing goods is very minimal in comparison to other modes of transportation, which ensure safety for a number of loading and unloading methods. Because these instances of loading and unloading are cancelled out, there is a reduced possibility of damage to the goods being transported. 

External and Internal Factors Influencing Road Freight Rates

There are a number of internal and external factors that influence road freight rates. Let’s start with the most recent being a result of the pandemic. Lockdowns that have taken place in the past two years have significantly impacted the freight industry, with border closures making it difficult for goods to be shipped between states and internationally. 

The cost of fuel is another factor that influences how much road freight companies will charge for your goods. If fuel prices fall then cargo trucks will be cheaper to operate, causing the cost of transport to reduce. Any savings and losses are referred to the customer. If fuel prices increase then carriers will transfer the additional charges onto merchants. Also, the weight of the freight being transported will impact how much fuel is being consumed throughout the journey.

An uncontrollable element that impacts costs can be attributed to whether there are labour shortages and strikes taking place. Not having enough staff means rates are bound to increase to keep the freight company running. If a strike takes place then this will impact the schedule of freight deliveries and is a problem that unfortunately can’t be helped. 

Seasonal trends also influence freight rates. High demands during holidays such as Christmas or Mother’s Day ultimately translates to higher costs for consumers. Because of high demand, pricing depends on the number of products being transported by operators and if capacity is restricted then there is a likelihood that space will be sold at a higher price. 

How Are Road Freight Costs Determined?

The types of goods road freight can transport include food for grocery stores, livestock, garbage etc. but it’s always best to get into contact with a freight company to determine what you can ship. Below will focus on how prices for this service is determined, ranging from the distance that must be travelled between pick up a drop off, weight and size of foods, ease of handling and the types of transport equipment required. 

Transport Equipment Required 

Requiring additional transport equipment will increase freight rates. If your items need to be lifted by a forklift, loaded with a crane, or require multiple employees to lift/load it, the price will increase for the extra machinery and labour costs required. However an item that can be loaded by one employee or simply with a hand-trolley will be much cheaper in comparison.

Similarly if your goods require special equipment like a refrigerated truck or a truck capable of carrying a wide-load, or if your delivery location requires the truck to need specific gear like snow tyre chains, this will increase the cost of your delivery.

Distance Between Pick Up and Drop Off 

If your goods are being shipped regionally then you can expect lower rates than if you were to ship across the country. Take for example it’s much cheaper to ship from Sydney to Melbourne than Sydney to Perth given they are a lot closer and are more popular metropolitan areas. The driver also has to take into account how much fuel will be consumed along the journey and what other freight deliveries are going to that destination. 

Weight and Size Of Goods 

The weight and size of the goods you’re wanting to transport will determine how much you will be charged. If the products are exceedingly large then this will take up a lot of space in the vehicle, reducing space for other deliveries. If the vehicle’s capacity can’t accommodate other deliveries then this means additional trips will be required, costing more time and money. 

Ease Of Handling 

If the type of freight you’re transporting is relatively fragile and needs to be handled with additional care and attention, then this will increase road freight costs Australia. This is because time is simply money, and different routes might be taken if roads are too rough to take, increasing the length of the delivery journey. 

How To Calculate Average Road Freight Costs Australia 

The best way to calculate average road freight costs Australia is by committing to some research. That way you can get an idea surrounding how much freight companies will charge, and what price best suits your delivery needs. 

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