What Is Ugly Freight?

If you have recently stumbled upon the term ‘ugly freight’ and are confused about what it is, Freight Match is here to provide an explanation, and offer the best methods of getting it sent safely and efficiently to your recipient across Australia.

What Is Ugly Freight?

Ugly freight is a blanket term used for goods that cannot be processed through regular courier or postal channels because of their shape, size, fragility, or high value. Ugly freight generally includes artworks, antiques, medical equipment, or heavy computer equipment. Larger and heavier objects require special care and packaging when sent via a courier. 

Regular ‘lightweight’ couriers function primarily on barcodes and automated sorting machines. These structures can deal with a high-volume of smaller orders that can be processed quickly, often within one or two days. Ugly freight, unfortunately, cannot be managed under the same circumstances. Ugly freight has much higher costs associated with its processing and delivery, with most deliveries requiring equipment such as forklifts or multiple delivery personnel.

It is very rare to understand the logistical differences between ordering ugly freight and standard freight as a consumer. Consumers will expect the product to be delivered as promised by your business. However, most customers understand the nature of the product they are ordering and respond well to clear messaging and transparency regarding the delivery process. 

Larger couriers often avoid ugly freight that is oversized as it is hard for it to be consolidated with other cartons on the same load, thus reducing the maximum utilisation for a vehicle. Some freight is also avoided due to the potential damage it may cause to other cartons on the same shipment, such as tools or machinery.  Other products have an increased chance of becoming damaged where the handling equipment required to move them is not available; examples of this include white goods. Where these larger carriers do not accept these goods, new opportunities present for more personalised couriers.

Importance Of Safely Packing Ugly Freight 

Logistics and transport packaging is often looked over in the running of a business, as the product is the thing you’re selling, isn’t it? It is crucial that as a business, you take special care in packaging and protecting your freight if it is valuable, oddly shaped or oversized, similarly to how you would if it were a more standard-sized package.

Depending on where you are shipping from and where you are shipping to, regulations often dictate how certain items must be packaged and the guidelines surrounding these objects. If you do not meet these standards, this can often lead to delays. These regulations will also stipulate the contents of your packages to provide information to those carrying your items and your customer. Information can range from being as simple as “Fragile” or a “This Side Up” sticker to more detailed instructions on the temperature in which the product is to be handled.

Ugly freight goods that become damaged or marked during transport can become a nightmare down the line. Not only is there the potential to lose the item and the money paid for said item, but if this happens regularly, this could also cost you customers, or professional reputation. Taking care to properly package these more oversized items will ensure your items arrive at their destination in the same condition that they were sent in. Many couriers will, in fact, not handle a carton that is not safely packaged to avoid the costs associated with severe damage.   

Ugly Freight Courier Costs

The total costs for ugly freight depend on many factors. With the size of the goods in standard cases being one of the most critical variables, this comes into special consideration when working out the costs for ugly freight. The distance the product will also travel impacts rates, as the further away the destination is, the more it will cost. In some instances, for oversized goods, the freight may be travelling separate from other goods, so there is less of a split between the costs. Another factor impacting ugly freight shipping costs is the item’s value. Insurance for more expensive items should often be taken into account in case of any incidents that can occur in the shipping process. Sometimes the time of year may affect the costs of shipping ugly freight. During busy periods like holidays, courier companies come under more stress, and prices rise to accommodate for higher demand.

Timing is the most crucial factor in streamlining costs associated with shipping ugly freight. If the belief is that the product will be delivered the same or the next day, there are inherent and often significant costs tied to these promises. When delivery schedules are extended over several days, both shippers and the couriers can benefit from the extra time to potentially bundle deliveries into longer runs—understanding the flexibility required, especially when shipping ugly items, is the first step to setting your shipping operation up for success.

Importance of Knowing How to Manage Ugly Freight

Beyond just knowing what is ugly freight, if you are a business operating directly with your customers, you will need to understand how to manage ugly freight if it is one of your services.  It is vital that you have a relationship with an ‘ugly’ freight specialised courier to ensure your product arrives safely with your customer to maintain a positive client engagement. Understanding what does ugly freight means for your business is crucial in establishing your operations and delivering your product smoothly. 

Shipping Times for Ugly Freight

Many courier companies will refuse to deliver ugly freight due to the associated costs and attention to detail required to move such items.  With Freight Match, we ensure all your freight is shipped with a company experienced in moving ugly freight and a proven track record of proper logistics to provide an efficient and cost-effective delivery that will not exceed standard delivery times. Shipping times will invariably depend on your chosen courier service and the item’s size, but rest assured that with Freight Match, you will be adequately informed of shipping times before selecting your preferred option and updated frequently as your package makes its way to its recipient.

The Best Way to Ship Ugly Freight

There is no silver bullet when it comes to shipping ugly freight. Each product is different and responds better to specific shipping scenarios. Road freight is the most common and cheapest way to transport items within Australia. Road freight makes use of vehicles like trucks, which are capable of delivering goods to locations that other types of freight transport can’t, such as isolated rural areas.

No freight is truly ugly, and if you’re looking for a quality freight provider capable of managing all kinds of freight professionally and cost-effectively, then get in contact with Freight Match. Freight Match displays a wide array of ugly freight couriers, giving you the chance to select the best quote that suits the freight you need to be shipped.

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